Teknologi dan Rekayasa


Posted by SMKN 2 TBALAI pada 20 September 2012


NO.1 Receptionist : Family Restaurant. Can I help you?
Bunga : Yes, please. … for next Saturday evening.
Receptionist : I’m afraid we can’t. We’re fully booked this month.

A. I need to reserve a room
B. I want to book a ticket
C. I’d like to reserve two tables
D. I really need your help

NO.2 Receptionist : Good morning. May I help you?
Risa : Yes. My name is Risa and I have an appointment with Dr. Ibrahim at 10 o’clock.
Secretary : Sorry, …

A. He is treating a patient at the moment
B. He was talking on the phone
C. He is out of town
D. He was still on the way

NO.3 Winny : When did you come back from the job training program in Bangkok?
Fanny : I just arrived yesterday.
Winny : …
Fanny : Oh, yes. I enjoyed everything there, especially the training.

A. Will you enjoy the training?
B. Did you have a great time?
C. Are you going to attend a training?
D. Do you plan to go back?

NO.4 Titi : It’s already lunch time. I feel like starving.
Danu : Let’s eat at the cafeteria, then.
Titi : …I’m rather bored with the food there.

A. Why don’t we have something different?
B. What about having lunch together?
C. How about dinner?
D. Let’s not eat anywhere else.

NO.5 Linda : Could you tell me how to operate the new cleaner?
Salesman : Yes, Ma’am. Firstly …
Linda : Oh, I see.

A. You put on the power button at the side of the cleaner.
B. You turn up the power button at the top of the machine.
C. You turn on the power button at the left side of the machine.
D. You replace the power button at the side of the cleaner.

NO.6 Bim : Do you know that… our monorail project next week?
Bram : Really? I have to prepare our progress report of it then.

A. the government could check
B. the governor will review
C. I have reported
D. we visited

NO.7 Fitha : Excuse me. I don’t think … you before. My name’s Fitha.
Marshall : Nice to meet you. I’m Bev Marshall.

A. I saw you .
B. I need to talk
C. I have met you
D. I should contact you

NO.8 Fatin I : What does our new English teacher look like?
Nana : … He is fit to be a model.

A. He has a new car.
B. He is nice and wise.
C. He looks happy.
D. He’s tall and slim.

NO.9 Brother : Izha,… to borrow your motorcycle?
Izha : Sure, but remember to fill up the tank.

A. did you ask me
B. can you come
C. will you be able
D. is it possible for me

NO.10 Caller : Hello. …?
Nita : I’m sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?
Caller : All right. Thank you.

A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please
B. Can I take a message from you
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please
D. Would you like to call him again


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